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Introducing the Weaved IoT Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Let us show you how to use the Developer Portal to create your Weaved Project and enable our services on your hardware device or mobile application. If you're not sure what to do next, start here

servicesThe Weaved IoT kits give developers the tools they need to transform any device based application into an IoT application. Here’s what you get:services

Weaved Embedded Cloud Stack

This super-light, downloadable software package is installed on your device to communicate with the Weaved Cloud Services, makiung the device remnote accessible or send notifications.

Weaved Cloud Services

Weaved operates secure Cloud Services so you can incorporate IoT features into your device project like iOS/Android Push Notifications and remote Mobile Device connections to your device over the Internet.

Learn more about the Weaved IoT Kit for Pi by downloading the product brochure. Weaved supports most Linux based devices and iOS & Android applications. Contact us for more details.

How Weaved Works

Step 1
Get Started

Login to the Weaved Developer’s Portal here at Download and install the Weaved IoT Kit software

Step 2
Program Your Device

Program your device to recognize events or sensor inputs. Send Push Notifications to your mobile device using the Weaved Cloud

Step 3
View & Notify

Open the Weaved Connect App. Automatically connect to your device through the Weaved Cloud. Monitor and Control your device from anywhere

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