Weaved Installer for BeagleBone Black Debian

Installation Instructions for BeagleBone Black

This installer adds Weaved services to BeagleBone Black. Weaved services let you connect easily and securely to your BBB from a mobile app or browser window anywhere in the world!

You will need a Weaved account before running the installation, so if you have not already done so, please create an account.

Please read the Release Notes, especially if you have previously installed Weaved software on your BeagleBone Black.

You can choose from the following services:

  • SSH on port 22
  • Web (http) on port 80
  • VNC on port 5901 (tested with tightvncserver)
  • A custom TCP service on your port of choice

    Download Weaved for BeagleBone Black

    1. 1. Copy and paste the command line below into a terminal window or SSH client connected to your BeagleBone Black, then hit the Enter key.

      $ wget https://github.com/weaved/installer/raw/master/binaries/weaved-nixinstaller_1.2.13.bin

    Install Weaved

    1. 2. Make the installer executable:

      $ chmod +x weaved-nixinstaller_1.2.13bin

    2. 3. Launch the installer:

      $ ./weaved-nixinstaller_1.2.13.bin

    3. 4. Choose one of the following services:

    4. SSH on port 22
    5. Web (http) on port 80
    6. VNC on port 5091 (tested with tightvncserver)
    7. A custom TCP service on your port of choice

    8. 5. Enter the e-mail address and password for your Weaved account.

    9. 6. Enter an alias, or nickname for your device.

    1. Installing multiple services

      Weaved supports installation of more than one service at a time. Just run the installer again. From the folder where you downloaded the installer file, run these commands:

      $ cd weaved_software
      $ ./installer.sh

      Uninstalling services

      Weaved gives you the option to uninstall services individually. From the folder where you downloaded the installer file, run the uninstaller:

      $ cd weaved_software
      $ ./uninstaller.sh

      then follow the onscreen instructions to delete the service(s) you wish to remove. This also automatically deletes the entries from your device list.

    Sending notifications

    Weaved installs notification scripts for each service you install. You can list all of the installed scripts with this command:

    $ ls /usr/bin/notify*.sh

    To send a notification, the format is:

    $ /usr/bin/notify_[weaved_port].sh 1 [msg] [status]

    For example:
    $ /usr/bin/notify_Weavedssh22.sh 1 'User logged into your BeagleBone!' 'ok'

    Connect with Weaved from Anywhere

      To test the connection to your BeagleBone Black from your browser, go to the device list, find the line with your BeagleBone Black's alias, and click on the device name to connect.

      If the service you installed uses the http web protocol, the connection will open directly in your browser. Otherwise, a popup window will appear with a web address that you can copy into your application's connection window.