Weaved Smart Plug Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Use these instructions to upgrade your Weaved Smart Plug firmware to the latest version.

Un-Register Weaved Services

If you previously setup the Weaved Services on the Smart Plug they need to be unregistered from your Weaved Account. The firmware upgrade will restore the service settings to factory default, which require services to be registered again after the firmware upgrade completes.

  1. 1. From a laptop, smart phone or tablet on the same WiFi as your Smart plug, Login in using your Weaved developer account and password.
  2. 2. Upon login, find both SSH and HTTP services in the Device List as select Settings, as shown below.
  3. Note. Write down the local iP addresses listed. You will use that for shell access next.
  4. 3. Use the link to delete the service, as shown below.
  5. Note. Repeat the steps above to make sure the HTTP and SSH services are deleted.

Open a Shell Window on your Smart Plug

The firmware upgrade requires shell access to your Smart plug. If you previously setup the Smart Plug, you should use SSH to access your Smart plug. Otherwise, use Telnet.

  1. 1. If you noted the Smart Plug IP address above, use that below. Otherwise, from a laptop, smart phone or tablet, use your favorite IP scanner to find the IP address of your Smart Plug. We use Fing quite often but others are fine too.
  2. 2. Open your SSH or telnet client application to the Smart Plug IP and follow the instructions below.

    ssh root@
    sudo ash
    cd /tmp
    wget http://api.weaved.com/downloads/smartplug/20150501/plug-upgrade.bin

    Note: sometimes this stalls. Hit Ctrl-C and 'rm openwrt*'. Then, retry wget.

    md5sum plug-upgrade.bin

    Note: Verify the md5sum as 99301e7e39dfabe35e6786ca043fe445.

    mtd -r write plug-upgrade.bin firmware

    Note: Wait 1-2 minutes for flash, auto-reboot, and system re-initialization. (file system is re-checked after flash; takes 1-2 minutes). Power-cycle plug (recommended after each flash)

  3. 3. Close your SSH or telnet window

Setup Smart Plug

The Smart Plug is now set to factory default settings and should be setup again, as done originally.

  1. 1. Use the Smart Plug Setup instructions to complete the upgrade.